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Song 16-

30 Sep

I’m beginning to feel bad that I’m lagging behind with my 10K Days but then again, I’m working on some serious burn-out. That’s why I ended up in the ER. One overwhelming case of stress + subjectability to migraines equals a day in the ER. Today, I’m still feeling the effects so I’m a bit lacking in the way of luster and of music. I don’t think I’ve listened to one tune today. Oh wait, I’ve listened to two. And since I don’t feel like writing about “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al.

Song 16- “A Trigger Full of Promises” by Walls of Jericho

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This continues my recent streak of powerful female singers. Candace Kucsulain’s vocals are not pretty in the least. I listen to a few female fronted metals (like Made Out Of Babies and Otep) but none of them includes a woman who can verbally gouge you to death. Candace Kucsulain can. Her voice comes in two forms- screams and growls. When you watch the video, you see her in prison wrapped in chains and then when you hear her, you can understand. The director probably felt safer that way. She seems like she’d kick your ass and then beat you with your entrails. Did I mention this is a love song?

“If I load this gun, would you hold in your heart and give your life for love?” I ❤ this.


You get no summary

29 Sep

Song 15- “Song With A Mission” by The Sounds

You get no summary. You get no song stream. But I was in the ER all day so I get a pass. Til Tomorrow.

Three for one sale

28 Sep

Songs 12-14

“Le Monster” by My Favorite
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“Pontius of Palia” by Jucifer
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“I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf
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The theme for this week has been powerhouse female singers. There are different ways of doing it and all of them have been very appealing to the ear. Why am I so focused on female vocals as of late? I’m starting a new band and I have a female lead singer named Lucidea. Lucidea’s vocals have a lot of force but she can also bring it down a notch if necessary and that will make for a lot of diversity. So, I have been listening to different female vocal styles to help me think of all the ways I can work with such a singer.

Andrea Vaughn, lead singer of My Favorite, has a voice that is filled with sweetness which makes for interesting tunes like “Le Monster”. It’s wild on lines like “as I play with myself in the hospital bed”. She can hit those sweet soft la la las and at the same time she can deliver clean verses that are both sweet and chilling at the same time.

G. Amber Valentine, lead singer of Jucifer, has a voice that sounds like she could punch you out in a fight. She can deliver the mid range screams that give power to their sound. It could come off a chipper as a Veruca Salt tune but she’s got the power to bring the song over the edge into searing rock ranges and this is a perfect example.

Lacey Mosley, lead singer of Flyleaf, is young and the youthfulness shows in her voice but in this song she can turn on the death metal growls in an instant. She can deliver the chorus and make it catchy and then drive home the point by grunting out “I’m So Sick”. I even have an acoustic version of this song and it’s just powerful.

What will my band with Lucidea sound like. We’ll find out soon enough.

Damn the super busyness!

27 Sep

Song 13- Jucifer’s “pontius of palia”

More tomorrow on the connected theme of women who rock and how it relates to my new band.

Running out of time!!!

26 Sep

The minutes click towards midnight. But I have found a loophole. No one said that the summary had to be written at the same time. So I have time to write the summary. Yay.

Song #12- “Le Monster” by My Favorite.

Gee I suck

25 Sep

Not only did I miss yesterday (life got in the way) but I have another correction to make. I listed the Killers’ “When You Were Young” as being from “Hot Fuzz” but it’s not. It’s from their new album, “Sam’s Town”. Why didn’t I know that. I’ll let you in on a secret…..I don’t believe in albums. Gasp!

See, I believe that a band should put out singles and when they have enough good ones compile them into an album, instead of putting out 10 songs and seeing how many stick, especially because it makes some songs disappear into the ether. And then there is the dreaded filler. So I’m not a fan of albums. So forgive me if I get rid of the album thing. I’m just not an album person.

Song #11- “November Rain” by Guns & Roses

I thank the website Culture Bully for this one. See, the version I’ve been listening to…was from this weekend. G&R made another live appearance. Do we seem any closer to “Chinese Democracy”? No. But this is the best sounding version of G’n’R I’ve heard seen the Slash/Gilby/Duff/Sorum days.

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So who’s in G’n’R. There’s Axl and Dizzy. And Tommy Stinson (of Replacements fame). And there’s Chris Pittman who people call “Mother Goose” (???). Then there’s the drummer Brain and the two lead guitarists Bumblefoot and Finck. Okay, so it’s not as cool as the old G’n’R but they rocked November Rain. They sped up the ending and it sounded great. Here’s to hoping they can hold the band together this time.

Song 10- “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Johnny Cashpoint

23 Sep

Before I talk about song #10, a correction. It seems that it making my super mp3 of tunes yesterday, I accidentally added The Killers twice instead of Rockstar Supernova (please not the lack of a comma, it’s the band name now!). I’ll put “Be Yourself” in the next mp3. On to today’s song.

Song #10- Johnny Cashpoint’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

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Every year I run Songfight’s version of the Secret Santa, The Gift of Music and one year, everyone’s favorite lo-fi gay internet superstar Johnny Cashpoint decided to give an extra gift. Out of the clear blue sky, after all the other gifts had been given, he delivers a chilling cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic. Yes, I said chilling. He took the fun pop song and gave it this angry drag queen vibe and made it his own and it’s awesome.