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Song 43- “Candy” by Pop & Pierson

31 Oct

Song 43- “Candy” by Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson

It’s Halloween. What better to talk about than Candy? I know that many people thing that this was the great Iggy sellout. But I’ll admit. I wasn’t a hip kid. I had no clue of Iggy Pop back then other than “Home”, the single before that, and . But I knew the b-52’s, especially the red-haired big breasted Kate Pierson. (Please note this was released in 1990, when I was all of 13.) So Candy was my Iggy Pop gateway drug. Later that year I’d hear another Iggy duet- “Well, Did You Evah!”. This featured Debbie Harry. That was enough to peak my interest and soon I would learn the wonders of Iggy.

Happy Halloween. I’m off to find that old Red Hot & Blue album. Good stuff on that. Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry, Tom Waits, U2, David Bryne….


Song 42- “No Revolution” by The Explosion

30 Oct

Song 42- “No Revolution” by The Explosion

So, the concert. The armory in Rochester is beautiful. I went to concert via a long bus ride along side Li’l Sis. It was a joint birthday present. Here’s was the 20th. Mine is coming up. We were shocked by the AFI crowd. Why? Because AFI was like Kix cereal- kid tested/ mother approved. There were parents everywhere with their kids. The Static Age was up first and they were bad. The keyboardist played as if she was heavily stoned. The bassist seemed not to know that the bass is a 4 string instrument and the drummer was way too in love with his hi-hat. They were not unenjoyable. But at least they only did 5 songs. Then came The Explosion. They are a pretty generic punk band except that half the band looked like they could be English teachers. And why oh why did you have a scarf around your neck, Mr. Explosion guitarist? The Explosion had one good tune- “No Revolution”. Too bad that was song #2 of a 12 song set! Who gives an opening band a full set??? And the worst part was how full of themselves the Explosion were. Well, I was grateful when their set ended and the hot topic teens stopped moshing. Time for A Fire Inside. So much can be said for learning how to play your instrument. My favorite part of the show other than Davey Havok’s walk on the crowd during “God Called In Sick Today” was seeing the musicianship shown by Jade Puget and Hunter Burgan. It was worth the hundreds of miles just to see a band that knew how to play and played well.

Song 41- “God Called In Sick Today” by AFI

29 Oct

Song 41- “God Called In Sick Today” by AFI

I’m still plum tuckered from the show. Full report on it here tomorrow. But the short version. The Static Age sucked. The Explosion sucked more and AFI was beyond good. I was awestruck by the tant displayed. And the highlight of the night was the encore where Davey Havok walked across the top of the crowd while singing “God Called In Sick Today”. A very cool spot.

Song 40: “Miss Murder” by AFI

28 Oct

Song 40- “Miss Murder” by AFI

By this time tomorrow, I should be knee deep in Hot Topic punks and boys in lots of make-up. I’m going to see AFI. This ought to be an odd experience to say the least. Then again, I do go to Rasputina concerts. Always, I dig this song alot. But have nothing to say about it. I’ve reserved today. I think it’s because of the hours and hours of bus riding on the way. *sigh*

A preview of tomorrow:

Song 39- “Lids” by Salt

26 Oct

Song 39- “Lids” by Salt

Wow. I narrowly missed today’s entry. I know I’m gonna miss on this weekend because I’ll be at an AFI concert. So I better keep focus and stay on track:

My #2 album of all time is by Swedish band Salt. It’s called “Auscultate” and my #2 song from the album is “Lids”. (For those wondering- #1 album is “Haunted” by Poe. Favorite Salt song is “Bluster). Lids is a special tune because for about the first 150 seconds, it’s quiet as a whisper. You have to turn up the volume to almost max to hear Nina Ramsby softly sing lines like “Your voice is near, your voice is clear”. But then after that, the music explodes. And the best part is… had the sonofabitch on maximum! I love that.

Song 38- “Sweet Temptation” by Lillix

25 Oct

Song 38- “Sweet Temptation” by Lillix

If you look I have fixed up the post for the Xzibit song. Now onto the new song from Lillix. Has anyone else had the feeling that pop music is changing some? Check out the youtube link. This is a band that was best known for a power pop version of the Romantics’ “What I Like About You”. Now, check out the chorus. In the video, it’s not delivered with a punchy performance (that seems to be the gimmick) but it’s got a great rock hook. This is far from “MMMBop”. The pop these days is taking more for rock. Look at Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” and how it sounded so close to “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Pop is changing and becoming more enjoyable in my book.

Song 37- “Concentrate” by Xzibit

24 Oct

Song 37- “Concentrate” by Xzibit

Time to pimp my 10,000 days with some X to the Z. His new song has the craziest beat ever. In my youth, I practiced buddhism. My friend Sam and his family were Buddhists. And my parents showed some amazing open-mindedness and gave it a try. It didn’t stick. But I keep the open mind though. Well, after being a Buddhist hearing a rap over the Buddhist “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” chant is crazy. Even more so is that it’s a song about not losing your mind over a sexy girl. Sexy girls/ Buddhist chants. That goes together. ??????? Ah, who cares if goes together, the song is great. The rhythm is contagious. It’s one of my favorite raps of the year.