Song 18- Nobody’s Fool by Cinderella

2 Oct

Yet another stop to the ER has made my listening lackluster. (Trust me y’all, I’m okay. It’s just a repeated minor annoyance). But here’s something I’ve been listening to a lot more lately

Song 18- “Nobody’s Fool” by Cinderella

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I think this is the antithesis of the last few songs I’ve had on the list. I wrote all about this great vocalists. Then we come to Tom Keifer. He has a voice all his own. Is that a good thing? Not sure. It’s a little country, it’s more than it’s share gravely. But if Tom Waits can make it work, so can he. And growing up I loved this band. I spend large amounts of time renting Cinderella videos from blockbuster. Then again, I also spent time renting Winger, so there is no accounting for my childhood taste. But this song still rocks. Keifer puts a lot of power into his gravelly tune while the rest of the band make a chilling tune. Good stuff still. And the band still lives on- they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary!!!


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