Song 19- “Punkrocker” by Teddybears f/ Iggy Pop

3 Oct

Song 19- “Punkrocker” by Teddybears STHLM featuring Iggy Pop

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Yes, the image is scary. But I figured if I could listen to Turbonegro, this couldn’t be any freakier. I had missed all the buzz. My bandmate Luke Henley told me that he’s been hearing all about the band lately. Me, i was just interesting in a band whose album included Iggy Pop, Neneh Cherry, and Mad Cobra. That’s a cooler line-up than Peeping Tom’s. Iggy does his best David Bowie on this track and makes a wonderful li’l tune with a catchy simple chorus- “Cuz I’m a punkrocker, yes I am. Well, I’m a punkrocker, yes I am”. Somedays it’s the simple things like that that bring me audio bliss. It won’t be long before Teddybears make their second appearance on here because the Mad Cobra song is even catchier. And “Yours To Keep” (the Cherry song) is pure pop prettiness. It’s a fun album that I wanna check out more from.


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