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The Unholy Trinity (Song 68)

30 Nov

I really should’ve saved this one for song 69. Oh well. Did you see this in the news? The unholy trinity has arisen.

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Good lord. Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan all in one place. What the hell must their conversations be like?

Britney: Hey, that guy just took a photo of my hairless crotch.
Paris: Oh that happens to me all the time.
Lindsay: I have a firecrotch. Tee-hee.

Well. All 3 of them have musical careers. Only one of them can I stand to hear.

Song 68- “Confessions of a Broken Heart” by Lindsay Lohan

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Yep, the freckled faced Parent Trap kid turned party girl. I can actually stand her musical career. This song has actually helped reinforce to me that pop music is changing some. From an era of boy bands stealing from r&b and hiphop, there are more pop bands who want to take rock elements. This song does that in some ways like Lindsay’s forceful delivery. It also scores because it’s not just a fluff tune. It’s an angry daughter with a drunken dad. It’s the most depth you’ll ever get out of the unholy trinity. ever.

and check out the extra added depth, she actually directed the vid:


Song 67- “Sex (I am)” by Lovage

29 Nov

Song 67- “Sex (I am)” by Lovage

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Lovage is an interesting collaboration. Take Mike Patton of Faith No More/ Fantomas/ Mr. Bungle fame. Mix with super producer Dan the Automator under a fake identity and then mix with Elysian Fields’ throaty singer Jennifer Charles. And finally stir in a large amount of sex. And what do you get- the album “Music to Make Love to your Old Lady by”. (Plus a li’l Kid Koala for good measure). “Sex” is a list song mostly but Jennifer Charles’ delivery is so gung-ho. She puts so much into her delivery that she sells it and makes it a great tune. I’d make love to my old lady to it.

Since Sex (I am) lacks a video. Check out the Lovage video for “Book of the Month” (which works on the exact same principles but I like “Sex” a little more)

Song 66- “Halah” by Mazzy Star

28 Nov

Song 66- “Halah” by Mazzy Star

I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s post with the odd PPK episode link. Today, we settle down the beautiful stylings of Hope Sandoval & Mazzy Star

Not only is she beautiful but her voice is haunting and unforgettable. “Halah” is a song from the first Mazzy Star album “She Hangs Brightly”. Mazzy didn’t catch fire until the next album and “Fade Into You” but She Hangs Brightly is still got the goods. “Halah” shows that and demonstrates just how lovely Hope’s voice is.

Song 65- “Loosey Goosey” by Made Out Of Babies

28 Nov

What happened yesterday? I have no clue. But I’m back today and I have a new theme. The new theme (which’ll run for a while because I like it) is Hotties. I get to look at attract women and post about their music. remember, folks- tastes in attractiveness like music is subjective. But enough disclaimers. Onto the post.

Song 65-“Loosey Goosey” by Made Out of Babies

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I do wish I had a link to this tune to share it with you all. But alas, Made Out Of Babies is too scary for You Tube. But there is an odd old appearance of the band on the Post Punk Kitchen. So I’ll post that. But on to the song. It’s awesome. It’s brutally strong and has the best chorus- simple, catchy, brillant: “Fire in Brooklyn!!!!”. And the driving force behind the song is the powerful force and beauty of MOoB’s Julie Christmas. Now watch the PPK and Julie in wonderful pigtails and oddly lip synching this song while cutting food.

Song 64- “Another Day In the Life”- Toilet Boys

25 Nov

Song 64- “Another Day In the Life”- Toilet Boys

It would be a sin to have Hooray for Androgyny week and not include The Toilet Boys. They are a straight up glam rock band whose first concert was opening for Deborah Harry. You can’t get a better start than that. And they are fronted by the extremely androgynous Miss Guy (who is a mister). The video for this song brings up memories of the Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated” but still it shows off the Toilet Boys rocking ways.

Song 63- “Everlasting Love” by Alisa

24 Nov

Song 63- “Everlasting Love” by Arisa

Yesterday, I took the day off for Thanksgiving. But now I’m back with more androgyny and what spells androgyny more than Katamari? Seriously. Can you tell the sex of all the Katamari cousins? Are you telling me that you know that Havana’s a boy and Ichigo is a girl? Maybe you do but that makes you more nerdcore than I. Anyways, I love the soundtrack and my absolute favorite is “Everlasting Love” from We ❤ Katamari. It is a sugary dose of hyper power pop that never gets tired. And that's great for a song you can hear trillions of time while pushing around a large clump that picks up everything around it. I love that game.

Song 62- “One Shot” by Tin Machine

22 Nov

Song 62- “One Shot” by Tin Machine

A quick post as I am in the midst of a pretty weighty project. Living in this house, I am swimming in everyone’s favorite adrogynous rockstar, David Bowie. Salana loves on specific era of Bowie’s career more than the others- Tin Machine. I don’t understand why people hate this so. Tin Machine is far better than some of the silly dancy music he did in the eighties. And the guitars are exceptional. Give Tin Machine another chance, people.

PS- Like a moth to a flame, Salana walked into the room while I’m typing this and reminded to note the lyrics are about domestic violence but you can’t tell unless you pay attention.