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31 Jan

Buffy is all about the hip new bands like Rasputina and the Halo Friendlies and Cream. Cream?


My favorite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is “The Body”. The writing in this episode chronicling how Buffy deals with her mother’s passing is exceptional and earned Joss Whedon a Nebula award nominee in the best sci-fi/fantasy script category. (He would lose that year to “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. He would win the award in 2005 for “Serenity”) But this post into about that episode.

In the next episode “Forever”, everyone is still trying to deal with the loss. Giles takes some solace in music. He looks back to the Band Candy episode where he & Buffy’s mom had reverted back to their wild teen ways and spent the whole episode listening to music and having sex. In his remembering her, he sat listening to a song he had played for her. Song 126- “The Tale of Brave Ulysses” by Cream. Enjoy.



30 Jan

Buffy week continues with the motherfucking Halo Friendlies. I will always put that adjective before their names, thanks to a remix of these where a TTS voice pops in repeatedly saying “The Motherfucking Halo Friendlies”. Anyway….

They made a brief appearance in Buffy but it was a great one. The appeared in the episode “Smashed”. SPOILERS. In the episode, everyone’s favorite li’l redhaired witch Willow was in the middle of her descent into darkness. So, she decides she needs a playmate. She makes Amy human again (she was a rat previously) and together the two witches go on a night of magical mischief which includes a stop at the Bronze. They promptly get tired of hearing the band Virgil playing and transform them into the mf’n Halo Friendlies. They proceeded to cause lots of trouble like putting guys in go-go cages and making creatures they through the club. Eventually the witches get bored and HF becomes Virgil again. Great scene. SPOILERS OVER.

This isn’t the song that the Halo Friendlies played in their brief appearance on Buffy but it’s a great example of how motherfuckin’ fun they are. All girl Power Pop Punk joy. Song 125- “Sell Out” by the Halo Friendlies


29 Jan

The sci-fi theme rolls on with another stop over at Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I could do (and probably will) a whole week on the musical guests the show has had. They were a great place for a band to get noticed. All they had to do was play the Bronze (the club with Buffy & her friends hung out. Think 90210’s the Peach Pit, just dark, dirty and with more than its share of monsters). One artist who already had a pretty decent following but played The Bronze was Aimee Mann. In one of my favorite scenes of all time from Buffy, Spike (a vampire on the good side) gets into a fight with a random vampire on the Bronze’s second floor scaffolds while below is playing Song 124- “Pavlov’s Bell” by Aimee Mann. In the middle of the song, Spike wins the fight by staking the vamp. It falls off the scaffold and dies in an explosion of dust in the middle of the crowd, stopping the song. Aimee then returns to doing the song like nothing happened but a few minutes later is heard backstage saying “I hate playing vampire towns”. Classic.

Here’s the video for Pavlov’s Bell.


28 Jan

What is 10kdays if its not informative? So I wanna talk today about a common error. It’s an easy one to make. The telvision show Angel (look ma, I’m still on theme) included the actor Christian Kane as the evil lawyer with one hand Lindsay McDonald. Many a person has heard that Christian Kane has a band called Kane. But a problem lies in this- there’s a Dutch band called Kane as well. I can understand why people would make the mistake, especially with the Dutch band having the musical notoriety (for a song called “Rain Down On Me”) but Christian Kane having the name recognition. So allow me to clear this up- Kane, the dutch one= a Dutch Matchbox 20. Kane, the one with the actor= 90% country. Check this out- Song 123- “Never Take the Place of Your Man” by Kane, a countrified Prince cover! I would never have thought a country Prince cover would rock but this is really good.


27 Jan

I just finished watching the final episode of Tru Calling, a great show that went too soon. The show included Zach Galifianakis. No, I’m not going to suddenly say that he’s got this secret musical career. Okay, he’s put out some comedic tunes. But I’d rather talk about the fact he is good friends with Fiona Apple. So much so that when it come time for the release of Song 122- “Not About Love” by Fiona Apple, they went with a video that Zach & Fiona shot as a joke. It wasn’t meant to be the official video but after seeing Zach Galifianakis lip synch a Fiona Apple tune, how could it get any better? See for yourself:


26 Jan

Previously on 10kdays, I talked about the show Roswell and how they would show off the musical talents of Majandra Delfino. But they had another musician in their midst and never acknowledged it. And not just any old indie musician. They had a punk legend. The main female character of the show was Liz Parker and her dad was played by none other than John Doe of the punk band X. If you don’t know X, you’re missing out. The band consists of drummer DJ Bonebrake, guitarist Billy Zoom, and the double vocal assault of bassist John Doe & singer Exene Cervenka. They were a punk band that never played it straight. They freely embraced their country roots and blend it into a sound that’s all their own. They started in 1977 and are still rocking to this day. They have always been considered an “artsy” punk band. I hate the term but they are very different and that makes them great. Ah, X makes me happy. Some X and some Concrete Blonde and I’m in my happy place.

Song 121- “See How We Are” by X

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25 Jan

It’s nice when a Songfight gets so notice outside of the community. Dan Sehane’s stay at songfight was a short one. He did 3 fights. He placed third in the Nicely Toasted fight and ended up in the middle in his other two fights. Then like many other SF’ers, he walked away from the competitive music world. For many SF’ers, they vanish. But Dan Sehane didn’t. Instead he got some cult status. How? He did a song for a cult show. Chcek out Song 120- “I Going to See Serenity” by Dan Sehane, from the soundtrack of Done The Impossible, which is a documentary on Serenity, the movie version of Firefly.