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28 Feb

Time for a quick post. Over at Songfight there is much talk about nerdcore. This rap phenomenon that takes parts of the nerd/ internet heavy lifestyle and puts it to music. Sometime it’s genius like MC Hawking or MC Frontalot. Sometimes it can be just some guy in front of laptop mic with dreams of being Front. Do I understand the phenomena. No. But then again, I don’t completely understand Emo. Nor actually what should fall under AOR. Music is silly that way. Genres are these crazy things that try to categorize music. Meanwhile music is protean and can’t be categorized. The minute you try, something will become the exception. Anyways, here’s a taste of nerdcore: Song 154- “Glutton” by Emergency Pizza Party. Led by MC Wreckshin, this nerdcore rap group has picked up some wins over at Songfight. Here is a live video of them at the Beauty Bar. Check out Fanatical’s part. That girl’s got skills.

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27 Feb

What happened to Jessicka after Jack Off Jill broke up. She went off and created a new band- Scarling. Where JOJ was “riot-goth”, Scarling dabbles in many different styles of music. When Scarling hit the world finally got a chance to get a sense of where Jessicka coulkd go with all her potential. Her lyrics grew more complex with the growing music. Even her vocals got better. There really is nothing more I can say because Scarling really needs to be experienced. So start experiencing with Song 153- “City Noise” by Scarling. And then seek out “Crispin Glover” and “The Bandaid Covers the Bullet Hole”.

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26 Feb

It’s two days of Jessicka. She’s the lead singer of the band Jack Off Jill. The band existed from 1992 to 2002 and those years were very turbulent ones. The band, which got its start opening for Marilyn Manson, had trouble keeping a line up together. But they were able to create very interesting goth-meets-Hole styled music. I want to take a look at JOJ as a beginning. It’s a very good band but there was much further Jessicka could go with her music. And she did…more on that tomorrow.

Song 152- “Strawberry Gashes” by Jack Off Jill. This was JOJ’s best work in my opinion and a sign of things to come for Jessicka. It doesn’t have a music video but I did find a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan video all about Willow and her problems with magic and addiction that includes the song. Yay!

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25 Feb

Okay, many of you will think that I’m crazy (but that’s only because I am) but until recently I just didn’t get the Arcade Fire. Other than having a cool name, I didn’t get what made them stand out in a sea of indie bands. They did a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Maps” that was unimpressive. They performed with Bowie and were underwhelming. But I had never actually seen the band. All I knew was that they were Canadian. The band is far far better live than on record. They are a frenetic band but their energy fails to come across in recordings. This is a time in my life where I feel the need to expand my own personal musical horizons. And I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to see what an Arcade Fire live performance is like. Just a simple reminder to myself that in music there are no limits.

Song 151- “Neighborhood #2 (Laika)” by the Arcade Fire (Live on Conan O’Brien)”

plus the studio version:

(the live version is much better but why not check out the quirky music video while we are here?)

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24 Feb

After midnight, we gonna let it all ahng out. After midnight, after I’m gonna do a new 10kdays post…

I’m just very excited about this one. I may not have spoken about this alot of 10kdays but I really love the art of mash-up. The idea of being able to make a new song by blending pre-existing songs is fascinating. There are lots of great mash-up DJ’s out there like Aggro1, Team 9, Go Home Productions, Legion of Doom….I could go on for days just listing them all. But thanks to copyrights and the legality surrounding music, mash-up is still an illegal artform. And it’s a crying shame, especially when you can end up with genius stuff like today’s song. There’s a new Mash-up DJ out there going by the name Norwegian Recycling and he’s really out done himself with a 6 song mash-up that includes Howie Day, Jason Mraz, Boyszone, Five for Fighting, Angela Ammons, and Three Doors Down. And despite the sappiness of some of the source material, the song is quite compelling. And there’s a video!!!

Song 150- “Six Songs Collide” by Norwegian Recycling

Then get the song on his multiply: !!!

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23 Feb

OKay, there is another reason why that i quit the last theme. I have been dying to talk about Psapp. I love Psapp. And I feel very dirty about that fact because they are the band that does the theme song to Grey’s Anatomy. And I’m not a Grey’s fan. I love Katherine Heigl but I can’t wrap myself around a doctor drama. No ER, House, Chicago Hope, St. Elsewhere….Nope, just not my thing. But Psapp is definitely my thing. It’s the duo of Carim Clasmann & Galia Durant who make electronic music using toys. And unlike a band like Self whose album Gizmodgery sounds like it uses toys, Psapp’s music couldn’t be identified as toys unless someone told you. Check it out for yourself. Now I would’ve loved to use their cover of the Aristocats’ “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” or their cover of Al Stevens’ “The Year of the Cat” (they are very very cat obsessed) or even the Grey Anatomy’s theme “Cosy in the Rocket” but none of the three are on YouTube. But’s okay, I’ve never met a Psapp song I didn’t like. Song 149- “Tricycle” by Psapp is no exception. And the video is claymation. (like the Kenna video yesterday. Ooh mini-theme)

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22 Feb

This has been a really silly theme because good music knows no color. Case in point, Kenna. In trying to think of a band to write about today, I took a quick stop over at the Black rock Coalition website and found Kenna listed there. I was surprised that Kenna was black. I had no clue. Then I saw a picture of him and said I know that guy! I’ve seen him in magazines a bunch of times. He’s Kenna! Wow. Did it change my feelings on him or his music. Did I as a person of color suddenly feel more liberated knowing that his great music came from a person of color? No. It made no difference. So I think I’m going to end the Black History theme right there because good music is good music no matter who it’s coming from. Today’s song is Song 148- “Hell Bent” by Kenna. It’s an excellently crafted song with one of the best music videos ever. I put that in bold for emphasis. Very few music videos get better than Hell Bent.

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