22 Feb

This has been a really silly theme because good music knows no color. Case in point, Kenna. In trying to think of a band to write about today, I took a quick stop over at the Black rock Coalition website and found Kenna listed there. I was surprised that Kenna was black. I had no clue. Then I saw a picture of him and said I know that guy! I’ve seen him in magazines a bunch of times. He’s Kenna! Wow. Did it change my feelings on him or his music. Did I as a person of color suddenly feel more liberated knowing that his great music came from a person of color? No. It made no difference. So I think I’m going to end the Black History theme right there because good music is good music no matter who it’s coming from. Today’s song is Song 148- “Hell Bent” by Kenna. It’s an excellently crafted song with one of the best music videos ever. I put that in bold for emphasis. Very few music videos get better than Hell Bent.

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