24 Feb

After midnight, we gonna let it all ahng out. After midnight, after I’m gonna do a new 10kdays post…

I’m just very excited about this one. I may not have spoken about this alot of 10kdays but I really love the art of mash-up. The idea of being able to make a new song by blending pre-existing songs is fascinating. There are lots of great mash-up DJ’s out there like Aggro1, Team 9, Go Home Productions, Legion of Doom….I could go on for days just listing them all. But thanks to copyrights and the legality surrounding music, mash-up is still an illegal artform. And it’s a crying shame, especially when you can end up with genius stuff like today’s song. There’s a new Mash-up DJ out there going by the name Norwegian Recycling and he’s really out done himself with a 6 song mash-up that includes Howie Day, Jason Mraz, Boyszone, Five for Fighting, Angela Ammons, and Three Doors Down. And despite the sappiness of some of the source material, the song is quite compelling. And there’s a video!!!

Song 150- “Six Songs Collide” by Norwegian Recycling

Then get the song on his multiply: http://norwegianrecycling.multiply.com/ !!!

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