5 Mar

I’m not ready to start my FAWM theme today. There are still some songs I wanna check out. So, I’m going to do another game of What’s On The ‘tube. So far, it’s 50% sad, 50% happy. Blah on the 10,000 Maniacs & Medicine. Yeah for Concrete Blonde & Jellyfish. Today, I’m gonna go for super difficult- Switchblade Symphony. I don’t even know if they have music videos!… Yes, success! Music videos. It’s not much for it’s far more than they had for Medicine or 10kManiacs. Time to enjoy some darkwave goodness. Ah, perfect. A live version of Song 159- “Drool” by Switchblade Symphony. 😀

And don’t forget to check out the other 10kdays journals! Glenn! Rachael! Andy! Heuristics Inc! and Troy!


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