8 Mar

Wham Bam Songfight FAWM continues on 10kdays, Today a look at Nubsy. Songfighters know him as Paco Del Stinko. But this February, he was Nubsy and Nubsy was very very busy. He decided to tackle a Songfight Sidefight trifecta- The FAWM, The RPM and an AAD. I have done an AAD (Album in a Day) and I’ll tell ya, it can be tough. And I wrote 16 songs for the FAWM (13 got used) and again, that’s tough. I don’t exactly get the RPM concept but it’s making another whole album. That’s 3 whole albums within the span of 28 days. That’s insane. But he did it and kudos to him. Here’s my favorite from his FAWM entries. Song 162- “Fall of Rome” by Nubsy


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