11 Mar

Wham Bam Songfight FAWM continues with a look at Cynthia Size and the @eclectic sp00ns. We have some stuff in common. We both have a love of TTS programs. In many of my x-tokyo songs I use text to speech instead of vocals, as does Nigel, the mastermind behind CS&T@s. And both of our programmed voices have taken on lives of their own. Mine became Nataly K. His became Cynthia Size. I think he does his better. He has really learned how to make Cynthia sing while I can only make Nataly whisper creepy. And he did a whole album of Cynthia for the FAWM.

The FAWM is a great place for experimentation like this one, especially because they give extra challenges that can help increase the creativity. One was to write a song about color. One the aforementioned Zinkline album, they did a song called “Blue”. CS&T@s went for Purple in a ode to their own technological ways.

Song 165- “Purple is the Colour of Machines” by Cynthia Size & the @eclectic sp00ns.

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