13 Mar

Wham Bam Songfight FAWM continues with a question- how do you measure a failure? In terms of FAWM, it’s that you didn’t complete 14 songs. But what if you completed a bunch of really good songs. It may not be 14 but what if the quality was high? Isn’t a 10 song album of really good songs as much of a success as a 14 song album of good songs or, in the case of some FAWMers, decent songs. We could argue that point for days instead we will look ahead. See, this whole post has revolved around Glenn Case and his album “Throw Money”. It’s by all intents and purposes, a FAWM failure. But it’s a good 10 song album which Glenn is hoping to elaborate on.

*Secret Note to Glenn. How about adding some of this to some of that I heard last week. If you get that guy to doll it up, I think you could end of with something phenomenal. Better than that other stuff alone.*

Was that cryptic enough for y’all. 😛

Well, here’s something less cryptic, a song from Throw Money. I know it’s bad form to pick the song that I wrote. Though “Psychopath” is an awesome song which I love and features some great Glenn Case chord progressions. Instead I’ll pick another song. His coming of age Song 167- “Cracks in the Sidewalk” by Glenn Case hits home with me right now, so I’ll choose that one.


And that ends WBSF. I know Menbah did an album too and Deshead but Deshead only has one song on his page and I haven’t listened to Menbah and plus I wanna talk about stuff like Chiodos & XEO3 already. I’ve been good. I’ve been patient. I’m gonna be late for my train. Crap!

Check out the other songaday blogs in the links in the previous post and leave me some comments people. I wanna know that I’m not just talking to myself. Hello. Is there anyone out? Can you hear me now?


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