14 Mar

According to Wikipedia, Xenon trioxide is an unstable compound of xenon in its +6 oxidation state. It is a very powerful oxidizing agent, and liberates oxygen (and xenon) from water slowly, accelerated by exposure to sunlight. It is dangerously explosive upon contact with organic materials. What does that have to do with music. It’s the name of a band. XeO3 is the band made up of Roy Gnan and Persia White. Roy Gnan is best known for being studio engineer for Tricky. Persia White is best known for…being Lynn on the UPN/CW show “Girlfriends”. Yes, another actor doing music. But as I’ve learned from Jared Leto, Juliette Lewis and countless others; it can be done and can be done well. XeO3 is very reminiscent of Snake River Conspiracy and that’s a good thing. Persia White can put a lot of force in her voice and this brand of alternative electronica suits it well. XeO3 is definitely worth checking out. They have 4 songs up for listening on their website. I suggest starting off with the powerhouse 168- “Marry Me” by XeO3 and moving to the mellower but superb “Strange Fruit”. It’ll be a fun ride for sure.


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