17 Mar

Songtitles of the Damned continues with one of my favorite video games of all time- Grind Session. Grind Session is a little known skateboarding game for the PS1. Here’s a quick clip of the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtYzsEJLMWs

It was quite a good game featuring Willy Santos, Daewon Song, Cara-Beth Burnside, Ed Templeton, Pigpen and John Cardiel. It also included one hell of a soundtrack. It had KRS-One, Jurassic Five, GZA, Dr. Octagon, Cornelius, NOFX, Man or Astroman?, The X-ecutioners and Zen Guerilla. It also included Sonic Youth and a very oddly named song. Here’s all the lyrics:

Seaside lover gonna rock the boat
Gonna roll it up fat superdope
Yeh pass it around or stick it on a pin
Boojie lover with the bunny skin
A plastic lady here’s a glitter roll
Straight from my heart thru thy soul
Yeh I don’t care about dirty hair
All praise due queen and Yogi Bear
Said get back in the boat yeh

Vicarious pleasure in my brain
Fantastic life never the same
Identity come set it free
Come set me out to mystery
Mystery mind yeh

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids
Your carrot souflet’s got me on the skids
I don’t care about dirty hair
Got a fuzzy finger miss bunny tail
Hip hop til you drop
Hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop
Hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop hop

What’s the title? Maybe something about bunnies? Superdope? “Hip Hop Til You Drop”? Nope. The song is Song 171- “In the Mind of the Bourgeois Reader” by Sonic Youth. How the hell did we go from bunnies to the bourgeois? Who cares? The song rocks and is fun to jump over a moving train to. I love that game.

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