18 Mar

Songtitles of the Damed continues with a band that this theme could not leave out- Panic! at the Disco. There’s something about Ryan Ross’ lyrical style that I enjoy greatly and Brando Urie’s delivery of said lyrics is woderful. I like their vaudevillian vibe and quirky videos but what’s up with the sonng titles. Actually I know what’s up. They have no real regard for titling songs. There used to be a time when a band would have to at least put in a subtitle when the song title was vague. Not here. Panic at the Disco name their songs after Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote “Fight Club”) quotes. Two of their song titles together make up a quote from the film “Closer” (“Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off But It’s Better If You Do”). Even the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou has inspired Panic titles. Having said that there’s no use in guessing what these lyrics lead to:

It’s these substandard motels on the (lalalalala) corner of 4th and Fremont Street.
Appealing only because they are just that un-appealing
Any practiced catholic would cross themselves upon entering.
The rooms have a hint of asbestos and maybe just a dash of formaldehyde,
And the habit of decomposing right before your very (lalalala) eyes.

Along with the people inside
What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy

Tonight tenants range from: a lawyer and a virgin
Accessorizing with a rosary tucked inside her lingerie
She’s getting a job at the firm come Monday.
The Mrs. will stay with the cheating attorney
moonlighting aside, she really needs his money.
Oh, wonderful caricature of intimacy.

That’s only part of the crazy lyrics of this song, none of which will lead a listener anywhere close to Song 172- “Build God, then we’ll talk” by Panic! at the Disco”. The title comes from the book Choke from the aforementioned Chuck Palahniuk. And I’m just flabbergasted. What has happened to song titles. How is someone supposed to find a song they like when they’ve never heard the title. Sometimes you can guess but not when you have titles like “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage” that have no revelance to the song.

Warning. Warning. The video below is NSFW. It’s NSFW but in a weird way. I can’t explain, it’s just odd and dirty.

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