26 Mar

Work never ever ends. I’ve been wanting to do another dig or something of the like but I’ve been super busy as I have said previously. But one thing that I have done to relax has been watching Blood Ties. Who would’ve thought I’d watch a show on Lifetime? But it’s not a Valerie Bertinelli/Delta Burke drama. It’s very unlike most of the Lifetime thoroughfaire (with the exception of “Missing” which ended last year). It’s the story of a detective who is going blind, teaming up with a 500 year old Vampire to solve paranormal crimes. Yes, this is Lifetime. If Sci-fi can show WWE programming, Lifetime can show a vampire cop show. Check it out sometime as it can be quite enjoyable. Plus, how could you not love a girl who uses a swagger stick? Enjoy this Blood Ties fan video featuring Song 179- “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace. Three episodes in and there is already fan videos. I think that’s a record.

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