3 Apr

Where have I been for two days????? Moving. And yesterday, it was pack up the computer stuff day. So I was without the necessary stuff to do my 10K. But I’m back in the race to 10,000 today and back with another song in my I Want My XTC theme. I thought about switching themes because I missed two days but then I thought about what a shame it would be to leave out certain XTC songs. Immediately the first one that comes to mind is Song 185- “The Mayor of Simpleton” by XTC. Like I’ve said before, there is a point you reach where you realize that you’ve been listening to a lot of a band and they’ve snuck into your favorites. The Skylarking album had a lot of songs that I enjoyed and I was just beginning to dabble in other XTC songs when “Oranges and Lemons” came out and I was head over heels for this song. Suddenly it hit me. I guess I’m an XTC fan.

And don’t forget to check out the other 10kdays journals! Glenn! Rachael! Andy! Heuristics Inc!, Troy! and Roymond!


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