11 Apr

One thing that I’ve too much recently during this Queensryche theme, which will end tomorrow then return again later in 10kdays, is I have been choosing songs from the Empire era. Yes Empire was their big hit album. It was the moment where the band stopped being a big joke in the metal mags (I once saw them listed in a photo essay as the ugliest band in Metal). But Queensryche existed before that and still exist to this day. So I figured, I’m going to choose a song from a later album. “Promised Land” came out in 1994. It was the follow up album to Empire and it suffered the fate of many metal bands of the time. Music had moved away from their sound and into grunge. The album debuted big and then fizzled. It wasn’t a bad album, it just wasn’t the time for it. Here’s the first single from it- Song 190- “I Am I” by Queensryche.

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