14 Apr

So the other day I decided to sit down and listen to the Ash catalog. If you don’t know them, Ash is a band out of Ireland that sounds like an American band but can’t get a hit in the states. Sure, they got a few minor hits; notably “A Life Less Ordinary”, “Goldfinger”, “Burn Baby Burn”; but they aren’t exactly well known here despite existing for over a decade. Recently, the quest for band notoriety suffered a setback. Their guitarist left the band leaving them a trio. Good luck to Ash as a trio but I don’t think that US success will ever come. But their guitarist, Charlotte Hatherley, has gone solo and I think it’s only a matter of time. Her music is a perfect blend of power pop with great guitar work. Screw Lily Allen and her cute pop. Hatherley has some bite to it without the snarky lyrics. It took me a while to become an Ash fan. Time it took me to become a Charlotte Hatherley fan- about a half hour. šŸ™‚

Song 193- “Behave” by Charlotte Hatherley

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