25 Apr

It’s a first.

This is the first time that I have ever heard a song for the first time and rushed to talk about it in 10kdays. But boy is it deserving. It’s a mash-up by Wax Audio. Wax Audio is quickly becoming one of my favorite mash-up DJ’s with songs like “Whole Lotta Sabbath” which mixed Led Zep & Sabbath, and “Full Metal Jackson” which put Michael Jackson at the helm of Metallica. This time around, the choice of collaboration is top notch. He mixed Bjork’s “Cover Me” with PJ Harvey’s “Down By The Water” with Massive Attack’s “Dissolving Girl” with Tori Amos’ “Silent All These Years”!!!! The result is cold and compelling. It’s awesome. I must go download Wax Audio’s “Mashopolos” album. It’s got a Bollywood mix of Iron Maiden and a mix of AC/DC and Ray Parker Jr.!!!

Song 204- “Dissolved by the water all these years” by Wax Audio
Pick up the whole album! http://www.waxaudio.com.au/downloads/mashopolos

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