30 Apr

One of my favorite 80’s metal bands that I never give enough respect to is Anthrax. Growing up, they were the foundation to the metal stations I listened to. Whether it be songs like “Caught in a Mosh”, “Got the Time” or “Belly of the Beast”, they bought great bass heavy guitar driven rock. And I can’t forget their comedic side with songs like “I’m the Man” or their rap rock pioneering with “Bring Da Noize”. Again, you wonder what this has to do with the football theme? Well, they once wrote a song about the late great John Belushi and his problems with drugs and his eventual death. The song was Song 208- “Efilnikufesin” by Anthrax. The song is also known as N.F.L. because Efilnikufesin is actually Nice Fucking Life backwards and badly spelled. It’s a stretch but that’s the fun of this theme. Woo-hoo.

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