8 May

This German theme tends to write itself. Today and tomorrow I can talk about the same band and not feel bad. Okay, they aren’t exactly the same band. One is derived from the other. The first one is KMFDM (Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid), the legendary German industrial band with the awesome music videos. But I’ll talk about them tomorrow. Today I’ll talk about MDFMK. KMFDM had broken up and said that the band would never play together again. Oops. They got back together and named themselves MDFMK before becoming full fledged KMFDM again. That brief period brought in Lucia Cifarelli and produced one album which included lots of good songs including “Rabblerouser” and Song 216- “Torpedoes” by MDFMK.

(Not an official video but still fun)

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