12 May

Let’s talk Rammstein. If I’m going to talk about the band, I should consult a Rammstein. So I look behind me and there is Salana, my housemate, who is a big fan. She’s even named two guinea pigs after band members. So I ask her- what makes Rammstein so good? She says that they write good music. I asked what’s a fun fact I may not know about the band (all I know is that is they are German and there’s lots of fire). Fact given: That Richard is married to Till’s ex. That’s very Fleetwood Mac, which is always fun. Anything else? The members used to be in a band called First Arsch. Arsch is exactly what it sounds like. They also couldn’t afford their keyboards before the Berlin Wall came down. The keyboardist, Flake (pronounced Flaca), has a PhD. See, I knew that Salana would be a wealth of interesting information. Final question- what song should I play? Answer- Song 220- “Heirate” by Rammstein because the live video has the lead singer, Till, asking the other band members to marry him. Those wacky German bands.

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