16 May

***This was written yesterday but LJ didn’t post it until today. I don’t know why***

There are many times in the world of music where you can say “that’s a shame”. Today’s song is one of them. Song 223- “Afraid” by Motley Crue was the “comeback” song for Motley Crue. I remember seeing the band on Letterman performing in the middle of the street. The thing about this song is that it’s not classic Crue. It was an updated Crue. They had taken their signature sound and found a way to make it viable for a new audience. They weren’t a nostalgia act, an oldie boldly hanging on. But doing that alternated the core audience. And they were already struggling after the Jon Corabi years. Alas, they would shed these advances and revert and live out the rest of their days being the old Crue and playing to the old fans and living the life of a band anachronism. That’s a shame. At least, we still have “Afraid” to enjoy.

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