21 May

Where the blip did this song come into my mind? Song 229- “Pets” by Porno for Pyros. Perry Farrell is an eccentric genius. But the problem with being an eccentric genius is that sometimes your ideas go crazy like you. Porno 4 Pyros was one of those. Basically he took Jane’s Addiction and reimaged it as Porno 4 Pyros. The songs were just as quirky. The style was very similar. Hell after a while David Navarro joined P4P and it was just as much Jane’s Addiction as the latter day Jane’s Addiction (the one with Flea). The band was a constant mess up until Peter DiStefano’s cancer led to their demise. But they did build one or two good songs amidst the craziness of songs like “Orgasm” and “Black Girlfriend”. “Pets” was a great song that smacked you in the face with its statement of we are ruining the world, we should be pets to aliens.

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