30 May

For a long time I have been lamenting the sad state of radio in New York/New Jersey if you are a rock listener. WSOU and G106.3 are good but hard to tune in. We used to have K-Rock but one day it disappeared. What came in its place was Free FM, a talk radio station. The morning show at Free FM was David Lee Roth and it failed miserably, so he was replaced with Opie & Anthony. The rest of the day was filled with odd things like Penn Gillette and on occasion pro-wrestler Tazz. But finally Free FM has met its demise and the rock is back. I found out today quite accidentally and was happy to hear some AFI, White Zombie and Metallica on the radio instead of being stuck with stations that play Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape” all the time. But the sign that told me that it was really back was hearing Song 237- “Used To Love Her” by Guns & Roses. Yeah rock.

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