31 May

Yesterday, I decided to look at a recent phenomena…The “Hey Ya” cover. “Hey Ya” is a boisterous Outkast song that seemingly everyone thinks they can cover well. The results vary. I spent two hours straight listeing to them. There was JD Natasha’s version with strings, The Drive By Truckers sloppy version, The New Amsterdam’s intentionally sloppy version, Matt Webble’s acoustic version (one of the best), We Operate Man’s version with the incredible voice, The Supersuckers version which captured the energy, Razorlight’s version with the gospel choir, Jason Webley’s accordian version, Motorcade’s alternative rock version, The Mad Lillies’ recording in a reverb filled apartment version, Carrera’s punk version, Dave Corum’s version which is classic Dave, Breakstuff’s slowed down version, Fourth Floor’s french version, Echolocation’s cover of the Weddle cover, and some others. But my favorite was the version by the country band from Germany!

Song 238- “Hey Ya!” by The Boss Hoss

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