8 Jun

10k a-z continues with D. D is for Dinosaur. T-Rex was a dinosaur, it was also the band led up by Marc Bolan. T-Rex had a great song called “Get it On” which was notably covered the band Power Station which consisted of Robert Palmer and members of the band Duran Duran. Duran Duran was also the name of the villian in the space sex romp Barbarella which starred Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda has the nickname “Hanoi Jane” due to her actions during the Vietnam war. And that makes me think of the glam rock band Hanoi Rocks, whose drummer Razzle died in a car accident. The driver of the car was Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil. Neil got married in 2005 in a ceremony officiated by MC Hammer. Hammer did a song called “Gaining Momentum” which was made for the 1992 Summer Olympics. That Olympics was the first one to include Baseball as an Olympic sport. There are a lot of Baseball movies in the world including the Bad News Bears flicks. The Bad News Bears starred Tatum O’Neal who was also in Basquiat. The Basquiat soundtrack included the Peggy Lee classic “Is That All There Is?” which was once covered by PJ Harvey who also did the great song

Song 243- “Missed” by PJ Harvey

What’s that? I could’ve cut a bunch of that rigmarole by making D for David Bowie who played Andy Warhol in Basquiat. Or could’ve made D for Dorset, where Harvey grew up in the UK. Or maybe D for Dry, PJ’s 1st album and a song on the “Rid of Me” album that included “Missed”. But if I would’ve done that would y’all have gotten all that info? Plus, one of these days I’m gonna do a really really long one. How far will this train of thought go???

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