10 Jun

Here we go again.

F is for flatulence (wonder where this is going, dontcha). Flatulence was once the subject of an episode of Mythbusters. Mythbusters cast includes the gorgeous Kari Byron. She also appeared in FHM magazines Top 100 sexiest women list coming in at #69. The Year 69 was the year of the death of Saint Peter. Saint Peter was a Songfight title. People who appeared in that fight included me, Stephen Bellinski, and sonofsupercar. Supercar was the Italian name for the tv show Knight Rider. The evil KITT on Knight Rider was KARR. Dean Karr is one of my favorite music video directors. He’s notably directed a large number of Dave Matthews Band videos. The bassist of DMB’s daughter was named Aslan. Aslan is the Christ-like figure in the Chronicles of Narnia series. One of the books in that series is called The Silver Chair. Silver Chair’s lead singer Daniel Johns is married to singer Natalie Imbruglia. Natalie Imbruglia is a one hit wonder in the US with the song “Torn”. Torn is also a Creed song. Creed’s lead singer was called an idiot by Kid Rock for letting a video of their groupie laden sex tape get out. Not so bashful about their own sex tape was Dustin Diamond. Dustin Diamond played Screech on Saved by the Bell. Leah Remini appeared in several episodes as well as in the movie “Old School”. Old School is the name for one of the moves used by Pro-wrestler, the Undertaker. The Undertaker’s theme song during his American Badass days was Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin'”. Limp Bizkit is known for a famous Payola scandal where Interscope paid a Portland (OR) station to play the band. And finally, “Stumptown” is home to Storm Large.

Song 245- “Ladylike” by Storm Large

I know that there’s probably some easier way to get from Flatulence to Storm Large using some reference to the career of Gilby Clarke, Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead or Dave Navarro but I shall refrain.

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