16 Jun

No crazy stuff today because L is for Limahl. Today was the day that my children were introduced to the Neverending Story. I was quite easily surprised that the movie held up so well and watching it with the kids was quite reaffirming. Reaffirming as it’s a story of a child who is a big reader and a big dreamer who gets enthralled by a book. There’s nothing more wonderful than that, especially to a writer like myself. After watching that, I was filled with so much more desire to write more of my lately story “Septemberian”. So with that, I’m going to go do some stuff with Septemberian and you can check out Song 251- “The Neverending Story” by the Birthday Massacre. I prefer the gothier version.

***In watching this, just fast forward to 3 minutes in. And then don’t watch unless you dig truck driving video games. I’ll play the song in the next The Other Night… as well***

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