18 Jun

N is for Nigeria. How I’m going to get from Nigeria to Song 253- “Angels” by the Tea Party, I have no clue but I only have 10 steps in which to do it. (The shorter games are the harder ones)

1. Nigeria is the home to one of the web’s greatest spam scams.
2. Spam is a song by Weird Al that parodied R.E.M.
3. R.E.M. + U2 = Automatic Baby
4. Baby, Baby was an Amy Grant song featured in “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle”
5. Harold and Maude is a movie that deals with falling in love out of your age range
6. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have an age difference of Fifteen Years
7. Ashton Kutcher punked Donnie Darko’s Ashley Tisdale (who returned to help pull off a punk)
8. The soundtrack to Donnie Darko included Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
9. Joy Division’s album Unknown Pleasures included a song called “Interzone”
10. My favorite Tea Party song appears on the Interzone Mantras album. It’s called “Angels”.

That was a damn hard one. Thankfully Ashton has punk’d alot of people.

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