8 Jul

Welcome to Z, the biggest train of thought post that I will ever do (maybe). I have given myself some requirements on this…basically a mental scavenger hunt of items I have to mention during this train. There are over 150 of these random items. I’ll italicize them when I hit them. And for going through all this madness, at the end is a song that has one of the best music videos that I have ever seen which will hopefully make the trip worth it. Though most sane people will jump to the end because this is a huge post. But if you jump to the end, you may miss a great tidbit of knowledge or maybe a reference to yourself. Enough said. Welcome to Z is for…

Z is for Zydeco music. Zydeco has its roots in Louisana Creoles. One of the most famous Creole restaurants in New Orleans’ is Dooky Chase’s. Dookie was the name of the breakthrough album by Green Day. Green Day’s drummer goes by the name Tre Cool. Tre is a word for Three. Led Zeppelin III features the “Immigrant Song”. Many Immigrants came to America through Ellis Island. Ellis Island was the first songfight to feature a full band version of X-Tokyo-River-God. XTRG appeared on Oddio’s “Calling All Fiends” Halloween album. Halloween H20’s cast included Michelle Williams. Michelle Williams and fiance Heath Ledger named their child Matilda. Matilda is a book by Roald Dahl. Dahl also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Bang Bang You’re Dead is a movie about gun violence in school. “I Don’t Like Mondays” is a song about the same. Tori Amos covered that song on “Strange Little Girls”. SLG is a code in baseball stats for slugging average. Lord Slug is a villain from Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball’s characters includes several androids. Small Wonder was a TV show about an alien named Vicki. Vicki was played by Tiffany Brissette who appeared in the movie Heart Like A Wheel. Heart Like a Wheel was a hit for the band The Human League. Phil Oakley of the Human League did an album with Giorgio Moroder. Giorgio Moroder’s “The Chase” is the theme for my all time favorite tag team, the Midnight Express. The cast of the movie Midnight Express included Randy Quaid. Quaid was in the movie Milwaukee, Minnesota. Abominmonimous is from Minnesota. Abominominous won Songfight’s “Adam and Steve” fight. “Adam and Steve” is Parker Posey movie. Parker Posey will be starring in a new Fox show with Lauren Ambrose. Lauren Ambrose is currently stinking up NYC in a version of “Romeo and Juliet” where’s she’s been getting lots of bad reviews. The soundtrack to the 90’s “Romeo + Juliet” included “Angel” by Gavin Friday. Joe Friday was a character on Dragnet. The theme to Dragnet was also known as “Danger Ahead”. Danger was a Joss Whedon created character in the X-Men comics. The X-Men once included Dazzler, a rock singer who can turn sound into light. “Into the Light” was an album by Gloria Estefan. Gloria Estefan headed up the Miami Sound Machine. The Miami are a tribe of Indians in Indiana and Ohio. The Tribe is a New Zealand TV show that I love about kids after a virus wipes out all the parents. Kids without parental supervision is the plot of the new show Kid Nation. Nation of Ulysses is considered by many to be one of the first emo bands. So was Moss Icon. Moss Icon had a song called Guatemala. A famous Guatemalan is Daphne Zuniga. Zuniga appeared in the movie The Quarterback Princess. Rich Gannon is the former QB for my favorite football team The Oakland Raiders. Ganon is the villain from the Legend of Zelda games…

Damn this is a lot. You know what I could literally go on forever with this and hit every single note on my list but it would waste a pretty sunday. So I will call it a day and allow you to take advantage of the day too. I release you from this post! But not before you can enjoy the song of the day…

Song 268- “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” by Radiohead

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