9 Jul

How about some Japanese music. No, I don’t speak the language but the music sure is good. For the next few days, I’ll do posts about some of the Japanese bands I have started to listen to. First up is the band Onmyouza. Onmyouza basically translates to in the yin and yang. So of course I would listen to them (I have sported my yin yang ring longer than I’ve sported my wedding ring). They sport a classic heavy metal style that has been updated with female vocals and bits of j-pop. That and the look. According to wikipedia, they’re a visual kei band which means they have very “flamboyant looks”. Flamboyant looks and heavy metal….no surprises there. Onmyouza go for a kinda goths in kimonos thing. It works and the music rocks.

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Song 269- “Kouga Ninpouchou”(the theme to Basilisk) by Onmyouza

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