Knives’ playlist

14 Jul

So far on the Other Night I Dreamt Of Knives:

Show #1:
“Death in April” by Made Out Of Babies
“Heavy Starry Chain” by Tommy Heavenly6
“Unholy Circuitboard Mind” by Pumpkin Buzzard
“Mad World” by Evergreen Terrace
“Wow” by Say Anything
“Submarines” by Zinkline
“Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” by Psapp
“Malibu” by Hole
“The Missing McCloud Boys” by the Prizefighter Inferno
“Like a Cat” by the Number 12 Looks Like You
“On a Rope” by Rocket From The Crypt
“Yeah Yeah” by Matt & Kim
“Marry Me” by XeO3
“Homeostatic Coffee Pot” by Future Boy & Johnny Cashpoint
“Don’t Change” by AFI
“Sister Cocaine” by Billy’s Little Trip

Show #2
“FCPREMIX” by The Fall of Troy
“This Graceless Planet” by We vs. The Shark
***Production Error***
“She Likes Big Words” by Deadsy
“Tighter Noose” by Abandoned Pools
“Surgery” by the Vincent Black Shadow
“Composing” by Boys Night Out
“Voices Carry” by Til Tuesday
“The Land of Giant Birds” by Cost
“Things I’m Gonna Do” by Rasputina
“Bitter Orange” by The Hell Yeahs
“Farewell Myth” by Made in Mexico
“Heaven Beside You” by Alice In Chains
“Jesus” by Brand New
“Art Star” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Show #3
“Out of Control” by She Wants Revenge
“Don’t Kill Yourself To Live” by Pro-Pain
“In the Air Tonight” by Nonpoint
“My Hero” by Paramore
“Death of Stars Like The Sun” by Haste
“Innocent” by Our Lady Peace
“The Lasting Dose” by Crowbar
“Tiger Woods” by the White Hat
“The Bird & The Worm” by the Used
“Prayers” by In This Moment
“Diminishing Returns” by Egg Carton Zoo
“Baby, You Wouldn’t Last A Minute On The Creek” by Chiodos
“Ghost Strokes” by The John Benjamin Band
“Scarab Beetle Lying Under A Desert Rock” by Luke Henley
“I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf

Show #4
“Neverending Story” by the Birthday Massacre
“Hopeless” by Glenn Case
“Cage in a Cave” by Rasputina
“Kiss Kiss” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Driveway Seed” by State Shirt
“Bones In the Water” by Battle of Mice
“Hole” by Kelly Clarkson
“Kiko & the Lavender Moon” by Los Lobos
“Charlotte Sometimes” by The Hell Yeahs
“Jesus for the Jugular” by the Veils
“Shapeshifter” by Josie & the Pussycats
“Vermillion, part 2” by Slipknot
“Single” by Pony Club
“Invasion Party” by Ninja High School
“Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole” by Scarling


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