21 Jul

So I can’t stay away from themes. Today’s theme is….Holy crap! They’re still together. We all have those bands. Bands that we loved but ended up left behind as we got older. Their popularity dwindled and their albums end up in the discount bins. But there are still the loyalists who come out to their shows. And they still put on album after album. This theme is devoted to those bands that keeping on going strong.

The first one- Candlebox!

Back in the 90’s, Candlebox rode the wave of the grunge era without being very grungy. Sure, there was Song 283- “You” by Candlebox. But then there was the ballad “Far Behind” and the slow “He Calls Home” and the plodding “Cover Me”. Frankly, Candlebox was the beginning for bands like Nickelback, who can call themselves alternative rock and ride the waves that others bring yet never carry as much punch. Nevertheless Candlebox has their place in the world. And surprisingly, they have kept their place. After years of being broken up, Candlebox has reunited with the full original line-up (how many bands can say that?) and are staging a comeback. Will it be successful? Who knows. But I can tell you that there will always be loyalists and people who are happy they are back.

Then: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEAr9pgL188
Now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bZAelUFQqU

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