26 Jul

It’s the last day of 10kdays look back at bands that are surprisingly still going after the fall of their genre’s popularity (i,e- grunge and hair metal). I end this theme with the band that inspired it- Poison. We are in the midst of a Poison renaissance. Okay, not really but they have regained a lot of notoriety. First CC Deville was on the Surreal Life and proved to be entertaining. Now Bret Michaels is out there playing Flavor Flav in his new show Rock of Love. The show isn’t entertaining but the commercials for it have been good, simply because they include some bits and pieces from the latest Poison video. Poison has a new album out. It may be all covers but seeing this video harkens me back to a time when Poison was everywhere. And the band has aged very well. If you look back in the archive here and see my post on Winger, you’ll see they aged hard. Poison looks surprisingly good for a band with such a notorious past. And their first single off the “‘d” album is very very catchy and has a well done video. Could this be the starts of a real Poison comeback?

Song 287- “What I Like About You” by Poison

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