30 Jul

I hated having to put up a placeholder but it was either that or struggle to post a whole 10kdays post from the Wii. Well, you already know that my song of the day is “Last Cup of Sorrow” by one of my all-time favorite bands. The song came at a time when the band was on the verge of breaking up. They named the album LCOS is on “Album of the Year”. The name conveyed the band’s feeling that it was now or never. LCOS was the first single and they tried to make a splash with it. They got actress Jennifer Jason Leigh to star in it and based the whole video on the Alfred Hitchcock classic “Vertigo”. Would it be enough? “Album of the Year” hit #1….in Australia. It peaked at #41 in the States. As for Last Cup, it also came up short, only getting to #14 on Billboard’s rock charts. That would be the beginning of the end and this would be the band’s final studio album.

Song 291- “Last Cup of Sorrow” by Faith No More

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