31 Jul

Three Six Mafia will be the first to remind you that they are Academy Award Winners. What better band to have in my movie homage music video theme? The movie that they made an homage to wasn’t an Academy Award winner. But it was a triple nominee. It got noms for Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay and most notably, the nomination Spike Jonze got for Best Director. The movie- “Being John Malkovich”. They added some more star power as well as the song already had Chamillionare on the track but the video featured cameos by Travis Barker, DeRay Davis and Die Hard’s Tom Bower, playing the first person in line to take a look into the lives of Three Six Mafia. In the video, he paid 50 bucks to get a peak into their lives. If he only would’ve known that they would get their own reality show, he could’ve saved a few bucks…

Song 292- “Doe Boy Fresh” by Three Six Mafia

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