23 Aug

Well, I missed a day yesterday because of a whole wide world of drama. Today, I return to my musical travelogue with the raisin and avocado capital of the US, California. There are ten trillion bands from California, so how the hell am I gonna narrow this down? Well, my first instinct was to do a band from Oakland because I am a big fan of the Oakland Raiders. But while searching around, I bumped into the Oakland band Neurosis. I’m not big on Neurosis but the person who does their visuals is Josh Graham. Mr. Graham is from Los Angeles and part of two bands that I really enjoy- Battle of Mice and Red Sparrowes. Seeing as Battle of Mice includes Julie Christmas of Made Out of Babies and I talk about them enough in 10kdays, I will post a song from L.A.’s Red Sparrowes. The band is in the same post-metal vein but lay down these mind-blowing instrumentals. Put this one in the background and go about your business. It just fills up the room with awesome sounds.

Song 314- “Alone and Unaware” by Red Sparrowes

Tomorrow, we visit the state where a guy was out moving his lawn and lightning struck a tree near him and he got severely shocked…through his iPod.

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