24 Aug

Welcome to the land of lightning iPODs, Colorado. The Rocky Mountain High state is a state full of burgeoning music scenes. Denver in its time has had a notable jazz scene, used to have a pop festival and was the roots of stoner rock in the 90’s. So what band will I talk about? I’m quite tempted to do a post on Winger but I will refrain. Philip Bailey did “Easy Lover” and that’s badass but I’ll refrain again. Bob Dylan is a great choice unlike India.Arie or John Denver but I think I’ll go with- Fear Before The March of Flames. They have a great song that I have been wanting to talk about for a long time. I have been a long time fan of songs with interesting topics and this one is one of the best. They wrote a song all about Cassandra, the greek prophet that no one would ever believe and what it would be like to take her to the apocalypse. Would they still be non-believers to the end? Find out in…

Song 315- “Taking Cassandra to the End of the World Party” by Fear Before The March of Flames

Tomorrow we travel off to the home of the kid on the box of ivory soap and one of the world’s greatest porn stars…who happen to be one and the same.

But first, an Iram extra. Iram is only a weebit older than I so we both rested in the same musical generation growing up. We can both recall WDRE out of Garden City, Long Island where they did shriek of the week contests (best new song of the week) and had DJ’s with names like Malibu Sue. They were a big station for new wave music. This morning I was walking to work and I heard today’s song on my MP3player and thought of WDRE and then thought “Iram owes me a song”. So I asked her for a song…and she happened to pick the same one. Kismet? Coincidence? Or just the fact that WDRE played it a lot? Who cares, we love this song.

“Head On” by the Jesus and Mary Chain

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