25 Aug

Welcome to the birthplace of the Ivory Soap Girl who was cute kid who girl up to be porn legend Marilyn Chambers, Connecticut. So what CT resident do I go with? Definitely not Michael Bolton. However amused I am by his metal days, I’d be damned if I place him in 10kdays. One of the Monkees is from CT but it’s Peter Tork so it doesn’t count. JK, Peter. It would be an easy one to pick Weezer as I love that band and Rivers Cuomo is from CT and they have a bunch of songs I can choose from but I’m going to go against the grain. Instead I’ll go with a Texan who has recently become a Connecticutian. Not exactly how I’ve been doing this theme but I didn’t establish any standard criteria, so nyah :P. Plus, it’s a shock that I haven’t posted this before because it’s a classic. I remember being a kid and going on a flight to Panama. And I hate the great idea that I would fly with my walkman. Good idea but what did I have on me? One cassette single to listen to. That was one long flight of the B-side “I Do” and…

Song 316- “What I Am” by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

Tomorrow we visit the world’s largest frying pan.

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The Other Night I Dreamt of Knives.


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