26 Aug

Welcome to the home of the world’s largest frying pan, Delaware. Delaware, why do you have such a large kitchen utensil? Did the whole state want eggs at the same time? Anyway, I’m here to talk about some music of Delaware. Well, Bob Marley lived in Delaware for some time according to wikipedia. That’s interesting. Zen Guerrilla is from there. “Empty Heart” is pretty badass and its from my all time favorite video game “Grind Session”. But I’m a Songfighter and as a Songfighter I should with pride talk about our band that made good. If there’s some 10kdays reader that doesn’t know what Song Fight is, go to http://www.songfight.org then come back. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Okay, are we on the same page now? So, one of the Songfight bands is Carol Cleveland Sings. Have you heard of them? They’re from Delaware and did a lot of Songfights. They have even won a couple of the fights. And now they are touring around the world and a couple of those songs that were Songfight enters are now their hits with music videos and everything. Oh, did I forget to mention that Carol Cleveland Sings is a psuedonym? See CCS is really Thomas Hughes. He’s a part of the Spinto Band. Now, that should be a bit more familiar. They aren’t colossal yet but they are making waves. And here’s a song of theirs that started on Songfight

Song 317- “Brown Boxes” by the Spinto Band

Next, a state has a 730 gallon glass of OJ. Are ya thirsty?

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