29 Aug

Aloha! Welcome to the state where you can get lei’d but you can’t put a coin in someone’s ear, Hawaii. I think I may have a bit of a struggle on my hands here. When it comes to Hawaiian musicians, the first thought that comes to mind is Don Ho. Not good. Then there’s Jack Johnson and I would prefer Don Ho. So this is gonna take some research. And what did I find out? Shannyn Sossamon, a Hawaii native, has a band. And y’all know how much I enjoy actors with rock bands. Will she be successful like Thirty Seconds To Mars, only okay like Dogstar or will it be as bad as Steven Seagal and Thunderbox. Well, it did better than Thunderbox. (I definitely think actor bands needs a three week theme, c’mon Zero1!) The band is called Warpaint and features her sister. There’s some footage of them on YouTube but I don’t wanna use one of those tunes. They have a great tune on their myspace to try out instead.

Song 320- “Elephants” by Warpaint

Tomorrow, the world’s largest baked potato. Why?

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