Song 322-

31 Aug

After yesterday’s struggle, I’m happy to be visiting the land of giant ketchup- Illinois. It’s all the place where my good friend, Genevieve, is getting married this weekend. Congrats to her!! Gen is a big fan of Chicago House music, so in tribute of her big day I’m gonna to pick one of my favorite songs from the genre by a band that’s also from Chicago.

Song 322- “That’s the Way Love Is” by Ten City

And now to an Iram Extra. And this time she picked a song that I had never heard of by an artist I really like. She choose “Disappointed” by Morrissey. I was excited to hear this song as Moz’s fans seem to think this is one of his best songs ever. So I checked out the song and I liked it…because I’ve liked it for years…back when it was called “How Soon Is Now”. He blatantly built it around his old Smiths work. I asked Iram if the song was a half-assed knock off. She dodged that but stated her reason for choosing it:

“He’s performing at the Hammerstein in October and tickets start at well over $100 a seat – so this song goes out to all the fans who cannot or will not (moi) shell out that kind of cash. But on the grand scale, it’s a nice song for all of us who have experienced the sting of thwarted hopes.”

I hoped for a new song. Thwarted. Hmmm, can he be sued for self plagiarism like John Fogerty?

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