1 Sep

Welcome to a state where they have the world’s largest ball of paint. It started as a baseball and they painted it again and again and again until it grew to over 80 inches in circumference. The things they do in Indiana. My good friend Dan Bailey has often criticized the local Indiana music scene, so it’s gonna be interesting to see what I come across in my search for bands. I’m gonna shoot straight for myspace because that ought to yield the most humorous results. Myspace lists the top Indiana bands on the site as Gwen Stacy, Haste the Day and Jon McLaughlin. Okay. Other choices include Babyface and a lot of indie bands that I don’t know. I’m beginning to worry that this is gonna be Idaho, part 2. I was about to choose John Cougar Mellencamp (not a bad choice actually) when I found out that Iced Earth is from Indiana. Some heavy metal is just what I need today. Then again, they also have a good song about 9-11. I’ll choose that one as the song of the day and then listen to other rougher stuff afterwards. 🙂

Song 323- “When the Eagle Cries” by Iced Earth

Hope you’re hungry cause tomorrow we hit the state where they made a pizza so big, it could feed every member of the town who made it 10 slices!

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