6 Sep

It’s Lobster time which means that we are in Maine. And today is a super easy one. I don’t even look at another choice because once I found out that Juliana Hatfield was from Maine, that was it. It was like bumping into an old girlfriend and realizing that you still have feelings for her. But which era do I do? Do I go for the “My Sister” era where she had the greatest success. Or maybe do I go for Blake Babies where she’s just starting off raw. Man, there’s so many choices. I adore a lot of her stuff. Have you ever heard her cover Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t so”? It’s incredible. I even dig the Juliana’s Pony era. But I’ll go for:

Song 328- “Universal Heart Beat” by Juliana Hatfield

Tomorrow, we visit the state with the world’s largest trash can. No, I’m not talking about Staten Island.

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