17 Sep

Welcome to the land of Carhenge (ain’t that just the coolest thing), Nebraska. Is the music of Nebraska as cool as the sights? Well, Connor Oberst is from there but if you read the Iram Extra a few weeks ago, I have no love for Bright Eyes. Cursive is kinda cool but all I know from them is “The Recluse”. So I think it’s between 311 and Matthew Sweet. Sweet was born in Lincoln but gained most of his fame in Athens, Georgia. I think I’ll go with 311 who call Omaha home. And the choice is easy for me. There’s one 311 song that stands out with me far beyond all the others. And it’s not “Down” or “All Mixed Up” or “Amber” or “Love Song” or “Come Original”. What could it be???

Song 338- “Beautiful Disaster” by 311

Next up, a state that had a brothel offer prostitutes to the 100 Persian Gulf vets…one night, on the house!

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