7 Oct

Welcome to the land of “world’s largest”‘s gone wrong, Vermont. Vermont is the land of Phish but I’m definitely not a Phish guy. And I can tell that I’m gonna be in trouble. There seems to be no one from VT. I can cheat and use Songfighter Roymond who has a rocking barn out there but that would definitely be cheating. Okay, so I just tried listening to some Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and I’m really not interested. Umm….KT Tunstall used to live in a commune in Vermont. That’ll have to do. Here’s her new song. The video is very cute and I’ve been enjoying it this weekend so it’s kismet, i guess.

Song 356- “Hold On” by KT Tunstall

Next, the state where oral and anal sex is illegal. No wonder it’s called Virginia.

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