8 Oct

I won’t say anymore about Virginia and its crazy sex laws. You know they can’t keep a law like that when they are the home of GWAR. And then there is Alabama Thunderpussy, who is not from Virginia. And there’s D’Angelo, the guy who spent a whole music video singing to his penis. Also from Virginia- Missy Elliott who once asked in song to have someone eat her chucha like a vulture. Clipse rapped about Grindin’. N.E.R.D. did the song “Lap Dance”. Let’s face it. Virginia is for sexuality…repressed but certainly it’s there. In honor of this discovery, here’s a song featuring Virginia’s Timbaland

Song 357- “AYO Technology” by 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake & Timbaland

Next up, the state whose football team can be used to predict Presidential elections

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